Debbie Sielemann

Marketing Director
Kulumo Consulting, Inc.


Debbie is an entrepreneur by spirit, she loves people, challenging herself and travel – from scuba diving in Maldives, camel riding in Egypt or doing an elephant safari in Zambia she loves exploring new places and the diversity of people. More than that she loves her family!

This passion for people and knowledge has kept her career diverse and inspiring. After achieving her honors degree in Human Resources and working as a HR manager for a retail outlet she started her first business in the promotions industry, she sold that and jumped into PR, marketing and events and had her last company for twelve years.

Fortunately her path brought her to the US and with a drive to learn again and to embrace new challenges she started a home inspection business. Why? We need our families to live in homes that are healthy, safe, energy efficient and sustainable! Kulumo Consulting proudly offer professional inspection services including home inspection, mold testing, radon testing and EMF/dirty electricity testing.

She is passionate about the environment, she is passionate about her clients, she is also passionate about the community and supports a number of local initiatives, and that is why she is honored to be a member of the Executive Women of Lake Norman!