Jackie Benjamin Headhot

Jackie Benjamin


Jackie is the founder and CEO of WeAssist, a digital marketing company
that specilized in social media management. Having spent most of her
career in Information Technology, she spent five years before starting her
business on the Executive Team at a purpose-driven Salesforce consulting
business. There she learned the model of what it looks like to be a for-profit
business and help people simultaneously. Jackie has always had a passion
for assisting women but wasn’t sure how to marry that with being in
business. At WeAssist, she can employ women so that they can be
empowered to change their lives while helping companies grow through
the power of social media.
Jackie lives in Huntersville with her husband and two children. She and
her family are active members of Huntersville United Methodist Church,
where she serves on the leadership council. In her spare time, you can find
her traveling to Knoxville, TN, to visit her kids at the University of Tennessee
and cheer on the Vols!