We had a wonderful meeting today! Cindy Michael stepped in to pitch hit for our fearless leader, Annie Lewis, as she handled a family matter. Technology was not our friend today, but it didn’t stop the momentum of what was a very informative meeting! Jodi Silver made a fantastic, healthy breakfast – pretty sure she was just buttering us up to tell us her news! Jodi, you will be missed terribly, but we all wish you the very best in your next endeavor.

We started by introducing two new members, Christiane Matey and Patrea Aeschliman! These two make wonderful additions to our group!

Our realtor’s panel included four fabulous realtors and they updated us on the “seller’s market” that currently exists as well as what to look for when selecting a realtor or when purchasing a home. Each realtor provided answers based on their extensive histories and professional knowledge. What an honor to get all four in one room! Below is the name and company of each panel member as well as links to their prospective websites.

We appreciate all that came today and we hope to see you all at our luncheon on March 22nd!


Arlene Arciero – Southern Homes of the Carolinas

Maureen Roberge – LKN Homes & LKN Commercial

Bob Crowley – Lake Norman Realty

Frances Dawson – Homes of LKN