As of 2016, the Board of Directors has implemented a minimum participation expectation that members achieve at least 20 points per year.  Members who do not achieve the minimum participation expectation at the end of the year and are in a full category where there is a waiting list may be asked not to renew membership the following year.  This expectation is not to exclude members, but instead to ensure we have an active and involved group of Executive Women.

There are many ways to be involved and achieve your minimum participation expectation of 20 points per year:

      • Attend a Breakfast Meeting (8am), Luncheon (12pm), or Social (5:30pm) – 5 Points
      • Breakfast or Social Sponsorship – 5 Points
      • Attend a Pop-Up Meeting (5:30pm, 3rd Wed of the Month) – 1 Point
      • Support Fellow Members at a Non-EWLKN Event (ex – ribbon cutting, open house, class, ladies night) – 1 Point
      • Volunteer with Charity of Choice – 1 Point
      • Attend a Board Meeting – 1 Point

There are 16 breakfast meetings, 4 luncheons, and 4 socials per year scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.  As you can see, we would like for members to attend at least one meeting, luncheon or social a quarters; however, there are other options such as sponsoring an event, volunteering, or supporting member’s events.  Board meetings are always open to members and are held at 4pm on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Our full events calendar is located at

If you would like to know your points standing, simply email and our secretary, Tricia Sisson will reply with your points.  Also, members who are behind on points will be receiving reminder emails from Vicky Turner, our Membership Director, to keep you aware of your status.

Questions may be directed to with subject “Participation Expectations”.